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ROSSBOAG is a wellknown industrial valve manufacturer in Europe. It is located in Frankfurt, Germany's industrial core city. It was founded in 1960 by Dr. Jeff. Rossboag and belongs to the famous DEEP industrial group in Germany.After half a century of development, ROSSBOAG has grown from a small company specializing in the processing of precision mechaROSSBOAG products cover most of the valves involved in automated process control: ball valves, butterfly valves, regulating valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, filters, and related electric and pneumatic control mechanisms.State-of-the-art production technology and a rigorous quality control system ensure product reliability and adapt to relevant international standards.The raw material supplier of ROSSBOAG valve products is 100% rigorously passed the supplier evaluation system and obtained the raw material quality certification.All valve products of ROSSBOAG are tested with nitrogen or helium before leaving the factory.At the same time, ROSSBOAG can also be tested under more demanding conditions according to customer requirements.

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