Corporate responsibility
ROSSBOAG's sense of corporate responsibility is not limited to its customers, shareholders and employees. In all of our business activities, we are guided by the principles of sustainable and equitable treatment of the environment and society.
The global compact
As a global compact signatory, ROSSBOAG is committed to upholding the UN's top 10 principles for promoting the sustainability and fairness of the business environment.
The environmental protection
ROSSBOAG is well aware of the threats posed by climate and natural resource depletion. That is why we support the Kyoto targets. ROSSBOAG's products and technologies help with energy efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, our process and work environment designs use as little energy and raw materials as possible.
Occupational health and safety of employees
In ROSSBOAG, workplace safety was put at the top of the list. To this end, we have developed our own EHS (environmental, occupational health and safety) guidelines.
ROSSBOAG's social commitment - in Germany and around the world
ROSSBOAG's social commitments cover a number of aspects, including Wissensfabrik (knowledge factory) and education partner projects such as global support for youth education training (such as the ROSSBOAG care grant).
ROSSBOAG's global social commitments revolve largely around the ROSSBOAG care grant fund, which was launched in 2008. Through the fund, we can contribute to programs aimed at training poor children and youth in the asia-pacific region. ROSSBOAG spends around 65,000 euros a year on such projects. Objects supported by the ROSSBOAG care fund include:
About 100 primary and secondary school students in quang nam province, Vietnam
More than 100 children in Shanghai and kunming, China
Indonesian children, to provide them with the necessary learning materials
A school for girls in Pakistan has built a pipeline to supply clean drinking water
A girls' college and a primary school in Pakistan provide teaching equipment
Flood victims in the Philippines, Sumatra and India are providing money and other donations

Responsibility throughout the value chain
We are committed to producing our products with maximum efficiency of resource utilization and maintaining the sustainable development of economy. Adopt environmental protection precautions throughout the production process in the enterprise. In choosing materials and raw materials we will pay attention to their economic, quality and ecological problems.

As a result of a consistent tracking goal, our energy consumption in 2011 was 20 percent lower than the previous year.

At the same time, we are very concerned about work safety and health protection. One of the most important is to design ergonomic workplaces such as facilities and equipment, packaging lines, vacuum suckers, automated elevated warehouses, etc.

In the process of production, we aim to reduce waste production. Moreover, in order to facilitate recycling, we classify rubbish, such as paper products, residual waste, steel, plastics and so on. To promote the concept of a paperless office, we do as much electronic document processing as possible.