Make the industry work betterAt ROSSBOAG, we want to make our customers' industries work better. To achieve this, we believe that our people are the key to our success. We trust our staff very much.Work and invest in them. We give them a sense of responsibility for their work, inspiring creativity and initiative. We coach and train our people and reward outstanding achievements.ROSSBOAG is growing and looking for someone who is motivated to build the company further.ROSSBOAG challenges youDo you want to develop your skills at the forefront of technology and business? Do you want to grow and collaborate with

international colleagues in up to 20 countries?ROSSBOAG invests your potentialIf you share our passion for technology and want to be an expert in your field - create innovative solutions for our customers - ROSSBOAG will invest your potential. Our trainingTraining and development programs, as well as highly skilled and experienced colleagues, support you as the best-in-class candidate in the professional field.


ROSSBOAG success principleROSSBOAG is proud to serve industrial customers around the world. The ROSSBOAG success principle has made us successful in the past and will continue to do so in the future. They are an important part of ROSSBOAG DNA. With our passion, professionalism and innovation, we can truly bring change to our customers and enable their industry to work better and increase their efficiency while constantly challenging them and improving us. Therefore, we look for passion, professionalism and innovation among our future colleagues.Passion Our passion is our pride in doing our best to do our best. Passion is about adding extra space to our customers and setting an example. Passion is also about working together, sharing success and fun.Professionalism Our expertise and our expertise are at the heart of our business. This makes us stand out from the competition. We are proud to be an expert with a deep understanding of technology - always curious and eager to learn more. This is why we contribute to the success of our customers.

The world of innovation is changing, which brings huge ROSSBOAGBig opportunity. We have always strived to lead and create important changes.That's why we are constantly looking for improvements and finding new ways. IWe experiment, encourage different opinions, and allow failure because we know
This will lead to a better solution.

If you are passionate about technology, you want to share and develop your expertise.
Know and always seek improvement and find new ways, ROSSBOA
G may be the perfect choice for you. With you, we hope to explore
How to make our customers' industries work better together. View us as
An example of how to do this on